CEO/Founder: Shemar Delahoussaye

DELA, the ambitious brand that keeps on going. It all started in 2016, in the small town New Iberia, Louisiana. DELA originally comes from the last name DELA•HOUSSAYE, but we stand on DON’T EVER LOSE AMBITION. I’ve always had a thing for fashion since I was little. Back when this all started nobody seen my vision but I did, and I stuck with it. I only had a $500 credit card to start off my brand and made it work. Hardwork and dedication is all that it took. So with that being said whatever you want to do in life do it, don’t let anything stop you despite what the people say. Our main goal is to inspire. We provide high fashion clothing while keeping you up to date in the hottest trends. Our clothing is uniquely made for EVERYONE. We take pride in our customers and we are so thankful because you’ll are the reason we’re able to keep progressing. Remember we’re the ambitious brand, can’t stop won’t stop.